Sunday, July 29, 2012

Monoprints with Aluminum

On Saturday I trotted over to New Jersey to attend a workshop run by Roy Kinzer. I've been to one of his excellent workshops before so I knew I'd pick up lots of information on the subject of the workshop 'The World of Aluminum and Golden Artist Colors' as well as other technical aspects of using acrylic paints and mediums. I learnt how to prepare an aluminum panel for paint application and adhesion and adhering a wooden support so the panel can hang. We also did a few monoprints using aluminum as printing plates.  I think Roy may have got me hooked onto something! These were one or two minute sketches from imagination but I rather like the spontaneity and energy of them.

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Spring Studio

It can be easy to get out of the habit of going to life drawing sessions, especially once summer has arrived bringing with it those gloriously hot evenings. Don't forget I'm from London and therefore passionately love the hot weather, humidity and all, in NYC! However, I made a special effort in July to keep up life drawing. Created by Minerva Durham, Spring Studio is one of my favorite venues with it's excellent models available seven days a week. I particularly like these two sketches. The model was a dancer and was very tall and lean. He could create and hold a most extraordinary pose. I like how he curled himself up into a ball for this 5 minute pose. The time went too fast but I'm happy with what I captured with in this simple watercolor.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Oh Rats!

I laughed out loud when I passed Lever House on Park Avenue earlier this week. Lurking in the courtyard of the iconic building stands a 12 ft tall cast bronze rat which is a replica of the inflatable 'scab rats' often seen in NYC outside businesses accused of bad labor practices. Mmn, interesting that it should find it's way to Park Avenue where many bank headquarters are located. Bravo to Bruce High Quality Foundation for the exhibit.

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Chelsea Block Party

I love NYC in summer. There is nothing quite like those hot summer nights where people stroll, dine and share drinks after work. Add to that an evening of art gallery openings on 20th Street in Chelsea, a block party complete with a trendy girl DJ and and fancy food trucks, a large mix of colorful Manhattanites and you have the perfect after work recipe for fun!  This photo was taken from the High Line.

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