Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Molly Barnes at Susan Eley Gallery

On snowy Monday evening this week, I found myself at a lecture at the Susan Eley Gallery on NYC's Upper West Side. Molly Barnes is a Los Angeles based art dealer, curator, collector, teacher AND radio host! I was riveted by her excellent presentation about collecting art. I was drawn into her personal story that inflamed her passion for collecting art and greatly amused by her stories of friendships with the likes of artists Joan Mitchell, Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollack among others. Check out Molly Barnes on YouTube. Brava to Susan Eley for hosting the event!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Armory Arts Week and The Armory Show 2013

Last week was Armory ArtsWeek. There were so many art events going on in NYC. It was hard to keep up! There were shows in different neighborhoods, open studios, art tours, performances, discussions and of course, parties. The Armory Show gets it's name from the original event that was hosted at the Armory on Lexington Avenue and 25th Street in 1913. That show was shocking at the time as it was the moment when Modernism revealed itself to the public. These days The Armory Show is at Piers 92 and 94 on the Hudson River. I managed to trot around both piers, the Fountain Art Fair at the original Armory venue on Lexington Avenue and The Art Show at the uptown Park Avenue Armory at 67th Street organized by the Art Dealers Association of America. I know, it gets a bit confusing with the word 'Armory' being used for two different venues, an art week and a particular art show at the piers!

So here are a few images from the events including, firstly, my own painting that was exhibited with the Hullaballoo Collective at the Fountain Art Fair. I must say, it was rather nice being part of the event especially on the 100th Anniversary of the original 1913 show and in the same venue!

Eleanor Rahim, 2013, Lithe #5, 30x22 inches, Watercolor on Arches Paper

Edgar Degas at Peter Findlay Gallery (The Armory Show)

Elizabeth Peyton at Two Palms Gallery (The Armory Show)
Eric Fischl at David Klein Gallery (The Armory Show)
The Armory Show 2013 at Pier 94
Lorna Simpson at Galerie Nathalie Obadia (The Armory Show)
Katharina Grosse at Galerie Nachtst St. Stephan

Irving Penn at Robert Klein Gallery (The Armory Show)

Max Neumann at Bruce Silverstein Gallery (The Armory Show)

Moto Waganari at Hollis Taggart Galleries (The Armory Show)
Rachel Howard at Blain Southern (The Armory Show)

Eric Aho at DC Moore Gallery (The Armory Show)

Norman Bluhm at Jerald Melberg Gallery (The Armory Show)
Tracey Emin at Galleria Lorcan O'Neill Roma (The Armory Show)
Mary Abbott at McCormick Gallery (The Armory Show)

The Empire State Building lit up for Armory Arts Week

The Art Crowd at Fountain Art Fair

Gorgeous Girl at Fountain Art Fair

Karen Fitzgerald (top) at Fountain Art Fair
Partygoers at Fountain Art Fair Opening Reception
Fountain Art Fair
Damien Hirst at Van de Weghe (The Art Show)

Myself at The Art Show

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A New Collector in NYC

Last year I did a number of small watercolor gesture drawings as I tried to loosen up and capture the essence of the pose without worrying about detail or accuracy. It was a good exercise for me and I really liked the result of the figures hanging together in my studio. Fortunately for me, a British collector who also lives in Manhattan loved them too and wanted to purchase all of them. They were framed in two sets of 9 and will hang in her brand new luxury condo on the west side of Manhattan. I called them Gestura I and II.

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